Wash and Fold Services in Brunswick, ME

Laundromat Brunswick MEDon’t have time to stick around and wait for your clothing to wash and dry, just so you can spend time folding it? No sweat! Sunshine Too Laundromat offers customers the convenience of a wash & fold service in Brunswick, ME, to help you get clean clothes without spending a whole day at the laundromat!

Our wash and fold laundry service in Brunswick, ME is simple. Just drop off the clothing you need cleaned and we’ll take care of the rest! When your apparel is washed and dried, we’ll fold it so you can pick it up on your way home. It’s a huge time-saver and great for individuals who might not have a day to dedicate to laundry.


Professional Cleaning

More than just the time-saving aspect of things, enrolling in our laundromat pick up service in Brunswick, ME also ensures you’re getting the cleanest clothing possible. We go the extra mile to ensure your apparel looks and feels brand-new, including sorting, spot treatment of stains, professionally washing, folding and packaging. We even hang collared shirts and formal slacks to ensure your items are wrinkle-free!

Laundromat Brunswick MEDuring the washing and drying process, we use only non-scented detergent and dryer sheets, to ensure your clothing isn’t agitated and your skin isn’t irritated. When you get your items back, they’ll smell naturally fresh and clean.


Folded and Ready for Pickup

When you come to us for laundry wash, dry and fold in Brunswick, ME, you’re going to get complete service. Our goal is to ensure you can pick up your clothing quickly and get back to your day. We welcome business professionals, single mothers, travelers and other people who just don’t have time to waste on laundry!

Contact us today at 207-729-6072 for questions regarding our wash and fold services or to inquire about the process further. Or, just stop in today and speak to one of our friendly, knowledgeable team members!