Laundry Cleaning Services in Brunswick, ME

Self-Serve Laundry Services

If your clothes are piling up and laundry day has finally come, visit Sunshine Too Laundromat! We provide everything you need in the way of laundry cleaning services in Brunswick, ME, including top-quality washers, dryers and soap. We even have small conveniences to keep you occupied while you wait for your clothes to dry!


Self-Service Laundry

For your convenience, we have coin operated washers in Brunswick, ME that are capable of handling numerous load sizes. Choose from all of the following:



1 Load


2 Load


3 Loads


4 Loads


6 Loads

When you’re done washing your clothing, feel free to use our coin operated dryers in Brunswick, ME as well! Our facilities are equipped with enough machines to accommodate all our guests and afford you the opportunity to dry all of your clothing at once:


30 Pound Dryers


Reversing 50 Pound Dryers



Soap Center

Laundromat Brunswick MEForgot your own detergent at home? Just run out of fabric softener? No worries! We stock a wide range of different detergents, fabric softeners, bags and more, to ensure you’re able to clean your clothes thoroughly. Liquid detergent and dryer sheets are offered over the counter. We have scented and non-scented options for you to choose from based on your preferences.



If you’re doing more than a single load of laundry with us, chances are you’ll be here for a little while. We do everything we can to make sure your time spent with us is enjoyable. Take a look at some of the amenities and conveniences we’re proud to provide:

Snack & Soda Machine
Coin Changers

(2 Machines – Accepts $1’s, $5’s, $10’s and $20’s)

40″ Flat Screen TV
Free Wi-Fi
Wheelchair Accessibility
Handicapped Parking Spaces

(3 Spaces)

RV/Trailer Spaces

(3 Spaces)

Stop by the next time you’ve got a bag of clothing that needs to be thoroughly washed and take advantage of our 24 hour laundry service in Brunswick, ME! We welcome customers any time, day or night.